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Champlain College Cabinet

2006-2007 Cabinet Profiles

Cabinet Members
Upcoming events and calendars
2006-2007 Cabinet Profiles
Champlain Constitution
Cabinet Duties

Jeffery Koyanagi
Position on Cabinet: President

Year and Major: 4th year Biochemistry


Fun/cool fact(s) about yourself: I love to bend and snap
Most embarrassing moment(s): Ask Casey Phillips
Favourite champlain event or favourite thing about Champlain: Formal and Broomball
Favourite word or saying: Don'tcha wish your college was hot like CC?
Favourite animal: Liger
Anything else: I love Champlain.


Stephanie Nieuwhof
Position on cabinet: Vice-President 
Year and Major: 4th Year Sociology Major, hopefully Psych Minor (question mark)
fun/cool fact(s) about yourself: I'm Champlain 'Till I Die. I know I am. I'm sure I am.
most embarrassing moment(s): Oh several! Probably none appropriate for this website. Embarassment for me is also an everyday occurance so mostly it involves a lot of tripping, missing my face when I eat - etc. all of those attractive moments.
favourite champlain event or favourite thing about champlain: amazing Champlainers!! Bon Temps is pretty much the most fun you'll ever have in the winter, but Formal is also an amazing occasion to get all purty and spend time with your favourite Champlainers.
favourite word or saying: "sweet jesus"
favourite animal: your mom
anything else: I'm so excited for this year's Cabinet! It's going to be a lot of work so bear with us but in the end I hope you enjoy!


Sarah Van Heuvelen
Position on Cabinet: Secretary
Year and Major: 2nd year English-Cultural Studies joint major in the Queen's-Trent Concurrent Education Program
fun/cool fact(s) about yourself: People like me because I am polite and I'm rarely late.
most embarrassing moment(s): falling up stairs (happens way way too much!)
favourite champlain event or favourite thing about champlain: I can't just pick one, I love everything Champlain!!! But so far, I guess it would be ISW, because I've done that twice now, and it was incredible!!!! My favourite thing about Champlain is our super-awesome spirit and our super-awesome cheers!!!!
favourite word or saying: what!?!?!?!, eh??? or seriously!?!?!?!?!?!!! (to everything, hahaha)
favourite animal: I heart Pax (our Gorilla mascot), but animals in general, I love owls.
anything else: Champlain- U + Me= Us     Chaaaaaaaammmpppplllaaaaaaaiiiinnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!


Jill Johnson
Position on Cabinet:
Year and Major: 2nd year Forensics Major
fun/cool fact(s) about yourself: i played Ringette for 12 years, worked at a casino this summer and really enjoy cheese.
most embarrassing moment(s): there have been many, but definitely the most embarrassing occurred last year...uhh...when someone happened to be yelling someone's name..loudly...who happened to be standing RIGHT THERE. hehe..smooth, i know.
favourite champlain event or favourite thing about champlain: hmm...ISW is amazing, but the college weekends and Formal are awesome too! but most of all...i love the people! Champlainers rock!!
favourite word or saying: "absolutely!"
favourite animal: llamas
anything else: hmmmm...well...i like to think that i am generally approachable, so if you see me around campus, feel free to come chat with me!! Perhaps i could tell you more horrid details about my most embarrassing moment...


Sara Pieper
Position on Cabinet: Sr. Senator
Year and Major: Fourth Year Bio Major
fun/cool fact(s) about yourself: play Varsity Rugby, Champlain Gods hockey, BIG Harry Potter fan
most embarrassing moment(s): got hit by a bike while walking across Water Street
favourite champlain event or favourite thing about champlain: BROOMBALL!!! (and Great Hall floor hockey)
favourite word: chicken
favourite animal: Pengies (Penguins)
anything else: nah not really


Drew McLean
Position on Cabinet:
Jr. Senator
Year/Major: 1st year forensics
Fun/cool fact(s) about yourself: I was the moracca player in a garge band
Most embarrassing moment(s): everytime i take my shoes off, cuz my feet stink!
Favourite word or saying: Cowabunga
Favourite Animal: pigmy shrews
Anything else: I LOVE CHAMPLAIN!!!


Jennifer Walsh

Position on Cabinet: Academic Rep
Year and Major: First Year, Business Admin
Fun/cool fact(s) about yourself: I lived in Belgium for a year
Most embarrassing moment(s): ..... It never seems to fail that when I
have to do a presentation in front of a class, my fly is open. I am not
sure anyone ever notices but I always feel like such a tool. My whole
life is pretty much one big embarrassing moment. I am the queen of
awkward. Its fun :D
Favourite word or saying: I say a lot of random things a lot.... and I
can never remember them
Favourite Animal: Dogs
Anything else: I don't think so.... :)
Heather Milovanovic
Position on cabinet: Environmental Rep
Year and Major: 1st year, Con Ed
Fun/cool fact(s) about yourself: I like to ride horses.
Most embarrassing moment(s): I once was trying to be cool and jump
around an obstacles horse style and caught my foot and fell flat on my
face in front of the sports leading professional riders aka Ian Miller
and company.
Favourite word or saying: Cool Beans
Favourite animal: Horse
Anything else: People find me extremely weird and outgoing, a dangerous
combination to say the least


Sirje Jogi
Position on Cabinet:
Communications Rep
Major and year: 2nd year Forensic Science
Cool/fun fact about yourself: I'm an expert dog groomer and I get paid to play with puppies
Most embarassing moment: you really don't want to know, trust me on this
Fav. champlain event/ fav thing about champlain: ISW, Harvest Weekend, college dinners, the Quad... really just about everything, especially the people
Favourite word/saying: poo (its such a funny word and can be used in so many ways)
Favourite animal: wolves. they're so cute and fuzzy!
Anything else? I'M CHAMPLAIN TILL I DIE!!!!!


Margaret Barnes
Position on Cabinet: Social Rep
Year and Major: 5th year, Sociology/English
fun/cool fact(s) about yourself: Your mom thinks I'm cool
most embarrassing moment(s): *censored* hehehehehehe
favourite champlain event or favourite thing about champlain: I heart everything about Champlain and everything that happens at Champlain.....oh yea
favourite word or saying: mmmmmm...delicious mistake
favourite animal: I think my favourite animal would have to be.....break-dancing bunnies
anything else: I like long walks on the beach, pina coladas and getting caught in the rain and the magical-ness that is the unicorn.


Jacqui Brelsford
Position on Cabinet: Social Rep
Year and Major:3rd, International Development and Sociology
fun/cool fact(s) about yourself:I was born in England but live in Zimbabwe
most embarrassing moment(s):too many
favourite champlain event or favourite thing about champlain: I love Champlain's attitude!! 
favourite animal: Elephant
anything else: i went ravelling to Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia this summer, i love romantic movies and i have bungi jumped twice (once backwards).


Vanessa Launchbury
Position on Cabinet:
Off-Residence Representative
Year and Major: 4th year Anthropology major, minoring in Latin
fun/cool fact(s) about yourself:  I play the bass guitar, my favourite things to eat are falafels, rotis and samosas, I am as loud as…if not louder than a megaphone, and I enjoy reading.  I am not sure if any of these are actually “fun” or “cool” but…c’est la vie!
most embarrassing moment(s):  There are many…but the most recent moment involved me walking directly into a tree while trying to figure out how to text message someone on my cellphone…ohhhhh the 21st century.   Then I looked around to see if anyone saw me…and of course there were and of course they were sniggering.  Oh heavens!
favourite champlain event or favourite thing about champlain:  My favourite champlain events are the dinners that bring everyone together for food and fun.
favourite word or saying: BOOHISS!
favourite animal: bunny!
anything else: hrmm…not right now.


Carly Snider
Position on Cabinet:
Community Affairs Representative

Year and Major: 4th Year English Major
fun/cool fact(s) about yourself: I play the french horn, how many french hornists do YOU know?
most embarrassing moment(s): You really want me to relive that moment? That's just cruel...
favourite champlain event or favourite thing about champlain: It's so hard to weekends and formal, chilling in the cabinet office (come and join us!!) and just the whole Champlain experience!
favourite word or saying: "Whoopsie!" "Your mom"
favourite animal: Llama
anything else: Can I get an attitude check?!


Jessica Nysten
Position on Cabinet: Female Athletic Rep
Year and Major: 2nd Year , joint major in French and Biology!
Fun/cool fact(s) about yourself: I love Country music!!! Yeehaa!
I love to play soccer!! I love to dance!
most embarrasing moment(s): Trip to Ecole de Neige in Grade six!!
Fav champlain event or fav. thing about CC: The Quad, the beach, Pig Bowl!!!
Favourte word or saying: Chocolat!! Oh la la!
Favourite animal: COWS!!!


Jon Cassidy
Position on cabinet: Male athletic rep
Year and Major: 1st year Forensic Science
fun/cool fact(s) about yourself: I am on the varsity curling team
most embarrassing moment(s): Alot of the time I trip up the stairs and
always infront of a large group of people
favourite champlain event or favourite thing about champlain: So far ISW
and Pigbowl
favourite word or saying: Shibby!!
favourite animal: Wolf
anything else: I am just plain super cool


Matthew Hayes
Position on Cabinet:
TCSA Commissioner

Year and Major: 1st year Anthropology
Fun/cool fact(s) about yourself: I spent seven years in Tibet training as a monk, but realized it wasn't the right life choice for me and instead pursued a career as a poor and depressed university student.
Most Embarassing Moment(s): That would be the infamous time I failed to reach level nine of Metroid after bragging to my whole school for six months that I could get to the level in eight seconds flat. Many beatings and public spankings ensued.
Favorite Champlain Event or Favorite Thing About Champlain: We reserve the right to occupy the most awesomest part of Trent's campus.
Favorite Word or Saying: FACE!
Favorite Animal: The manatee, also known in nautical slang as the sea cow.
Anything Else: Anybody looking to donate a sink for my Campaign to Throw a Sink at Someone, contact me ASAP.


Chelsea Hoagland
Position on Cabinet:
Cultural Affairs Representative
Year and Major: 1st year, general arts first year but hopefully History maybe joint with Psych come 2nd year
fun/cool fact(s) about yourself: Hmm well lets see, I'm one of those weird and rare people that aren't from Ontario!! In fact I live in Nova Scotia.. Some other facts about me are that I love traveling and that I'm Buddhist..if you want to know more just ask
most embarrassing moment(s): Well the drag show was pretty embarrassing..or falling any where in public that embarrassing too--exact details will be kept secret to only those who were witnesses
favourite champlain event or favourite thing about champlain: All the events so far have been awesome!! and I'm really looking forward to the rest as well. And what I love about Champlain is how we're on the river and our beach, growing up on a peninsula it's hard being away from the beach, so to have even a concrete one is good enough for me :) haha
favourite word or saying: "Not gonna lie" "I concur" "Ergo" "Are you serious!?" "Are you Kidding me!?" umm...these are just a few sayings I overuse..I can't think of any that are my favorite right now
favourite animal: As a kid it used to be tigers, but added to the list is polar bears, penguins and sloth's..mostly because they're the laziest animal on earth (the sleep 20 hours a day! how cool is that!?)
anything else: Really if you have any questions please feel free to just ask me. I'm really excited to be Champlain's Cultural Rep and am going to try and help make it a great year!


Position: 1st Year Rep

position currently unfilled


Position: On-Residence Rep
position currently unfilled


Casey Phillips
Position: College Residence Life Coordinator
Year and Major:Done and Done - now working on a Masters Degree
fun/cool fact(s) about yourself: Born and Raised in Sudbury Ontario,
Graduated with 2 degrees from Brock U - GO BADGERS!!
favourite champlain event or favourite thing about champlain: I heart
everything Champlain!! There is a great sense of Community that
develops among members of the College and it is really great to be apart
of that!!
favourite word or saying: Hug a Monkey, OKAY JORGE, WAY TO GO IDAHO,
favourite animal: ELEPHANT
anything else: LONG LIVE THE CHAMPLAIN CRLC CHEER!!! Hey you ! You
lookin' at me


Ankor Tewari
Position on Cabinet: Chair



Deep in the heart of the Champlain Jungle, you can hear the Champlain rumble!