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Champlain College Cabinet

Cabinet Responsibilities and Duties

Cabinet Members
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2006-2007 Cabinet Profiles
Champlain Constitution
Cabinet Duties

Responsibilities of Cabinet Members:

            1.  General:

a)      All Cabinet members are not only responsible for their specific duties relating to their position, but also for aiding in various Cabinet projects (i.e., College Weekends, etc.).

b)      All Cabinet members are responsible for communicating with the four other Cabinets to keep each other better informed of activities and to share resources and ideas.

c)      When running an event, all Cabinet members are responsible for following the Risk Management Protocol as determined by the Trent University Office of Student Affairs. 

                        c)   All Cabinet members are responsible for holding at least two (2) office hours per week.

                        d)   All Cabinet members are responsible for maintaining a             binder containing information pertaining to his or her position,  

                        including a detailed report specific to his or her term for the

                        incoming member.


            2.         The President shall:

a)         Give leadership, guidance, and direction to Cabinet.

b)         Work to maintain good relationships between Cabinet and students, student organizations, faculty, and administration.

c)         Initiate and administer all policies and programs of Cabinet.

d)         Sign instruments in writing on behalf of Champlain Cabinet in accordance with Article V..

e)         Co-sign for financial affairs with the Treasurer.

f)          Serve as the official representative of Cabinet on all suitable occasions, or find a suitable replacement.

g)         Represent the College to other Student Governance.

h)         Act on their own authority, after consulting as many members as possible, if the Executive Committee cannot be called together in time for needed immediate action, provided that he/she reports to Cabinet at the next meeting on ratification of actions taken.

i)          Maintain links between the Members of the College who sit on University and College Committees and be aware of University, College, and Cabinet Committee development.

j)          Submit to the incoming President an annual report of the Cabinet?s activities at the end of the academic year.

k)         Be a member of the ISW Co-Chair Selection Committee.

l)          Attend both ISW and Pre-Week except in extenuating circumstances as approved by Cabinet.                      

m)        Consult with ISW Co-Chair(s) on a daily basis during ISW to review daily activities and overall budget for the week.  In the event that the President cannot attend ISW, he or she shall appoint a member of Champlain Cabinet Executive to act in his or her stead. 

n)         Maintain regular contact with the other Cabinet/Association Presidents. 

o)         Represent the interests of Champlain College at Administration and Student Representative meetings, including bi-weekly Presidents? meetings.

p)         Shall initiate the creation of the Executive Committee.


2.         The Vice-President shall:

a)            Assist the President in all business of Cabinet.

b)            Succeed to the Presidency upon the resignation,  

            removal from office, or death of the President.

c)            Preside at meetings of Cabinet in the absence of  

            the Chairperson unless otherwise appointed.

d)            Appoint the members of the ISW Co-Chair

            Selection Committee.

e)            Be responsible for opening nominations for ISW


f)              Be responsible for two (2) Cabinet socials per  

            year and the organization of the Cabinet retreat.

g)            Be responsible for taking minutes at Cabinet  

            meeting in the absence of the Secretary, unless

            otherwise appointed.

h)            Be the Champlain Cabinet representative on the 

           College and Student Services Committee



3.         The Academic Representative shall:

                        a)  Aid in the promotion of the peer-mentoring program at

                            Champlain College.

      b)  Advertise important academic events and deadlines.

c)     Write a letter of welcome to incoming Champlain College students, describing academic services available to first year students, to be included in the ISW Package. 

d)   Assist the college master in organizing speakers and academic events.

e)  Act as a liaison between Cabinet and academic organizations within the University.

f)   Consult with Champlain College student Senators when academic matters of a potentially serious nature arise in Senate.

g)   Be the Cabinet representative for the Committee for Undergraduate Standings and Petitions (CUSP). 

      h) Attend both ISW and Pre-Week except in  extenuating circumstances as approved by Cabinet.


            4.         The Communications Representative shall:

                        a)         Be responsible for Champlain College news in student

                                    print media.

b)         Be responsible for a Champlain College Cabinet radio presence on Trent Radio.

                        c)         Maintain a web page for Champlain College Cabinet.

d)        Create a general awareness of Cabinet meetings and events via e-mail, radio, print, and web page.

e)         Be responsible for the creation and distribution of a Champlain College newsletter to be published at least once a month to be named Down by the River.


            5.         The Community Affairs Representative shall:

a)        Act as a liaison between Champlain College and the

           Peterborough Community.

b)       Be responsible for coordinating activities with agencies 

          such as the Trent United Way Campaign, Blood Donor

          Clininc and Peterborough AIDS Resource Network. 

c)        Be responsible for promoting Champlain student 

           participation in the Community Challenge.  This will 

           include organizing events and establishing regular 

           meetings with the other college community 


                        d)        Be responsible for organizing community events in 

                                    conjunction with College weekend activities.

                        e)        Chair the Fund Raising Committee.


            6.         The Cultural Affairs Representative shall:

a)         Encourage and organize artistic activities within the College.

b)         Assist College Master in the preparation and advertising of cultural events, speakers, and workshops.

c)         Be responsible for promoting cultural symposiums or workshops such as Cultural Outreach.

d)         Organize and publicize to both University students and Alumni the annual Champlain College Film Festival.

e)         Promote Trent International Program and Trent International Students Association events.

                        f)         Attend Religious Affairs Sub-Committee Meetings, or 

                                    find a suitable replacement.


             7.        The Environmental Issues Representative shall:

a)         Work with environmental groups on the organization of events, publicizing environmental concerns, and promoting environmental preservation.

b)         Chair the Environmental Issues Committee.

c)         Set up and maintain the Champlain environmental issues board in Champlain College.

                        d)         Act as an advocate for student and college space.


            8.         The First Year Representative shall:

                        a)         Act as a liaison between the first year students and


                        b)         Undertake and present to Cabinet a survey of first 

                                    year pertaining to Champlain College life, including 

                                    events and activities.  The presentation must be 

                                    completed and presented to Cabinet at the first

                                    following the February Reading Break.

                        c)         Assist the On and Off-Residence Representatives in 

                                    the fulfillment of their tasks.

                        d)         Chair the Student Activity Committee.

                        e)         Assist the Academic Representative in promoting the

                                    peer-mentoring program at Champlain College.


            9.         The Male and Female Athletic Representatives shall:

                        a)          Organize and encourage Campus Rec, intramural, 

                                     and inter-college sports and activities.

                        b)          Regulate and maintain supplies of College athletic


                        c)          Be responsible for setting up and removing the

                                     broomball rink.

                        d)          Attend Athletic Advisory Sub-Committee Meetings,

                                     or find a suitable replacement.. 

                         e)          Co-ordinate athletic tournaments during the college

                                     weekends (Pig Bowl and Broomball), as well as a

                                     floor hockey tournament.

                   f)          Attend both ISW and Pre-Week except in

                               extenuating circumstances as approved by Cabinet.


        10.           The Off-Residence Representative shall:

a)         Work as a liaison between the College Office, Cabinet, and Off-Campus students to provide representation and services for the aforementioned students.

b)         Be a member of the Fund Raising Committee.

c)         Be responsible for two events for Off Campus students.

d)         Attend both ISW and Pre-Week except in extenuating circumstances as approved by Cabinet.

                   e)         Be a member of the Transportation Sub-Committee,

                               or find a suitable replacement.


         11.          The On-Residence Representative shall:

a)         Work in coordination with the Off-Residence Representative to organize events to unite On and Off-Residence students.

                         b)        Schedule monthly meetings with Dons to discuss staircase life and events.

                        c)         Be a member of the Fund Raising Committee.

                        d)         Assist the Athletic Representatives in the organisation 

                                   of a Floor Hockey tournament.

                        e)         Be a member of the Food and Housing Sub-

                                   Committee, or find a suitable replacement. 


         12.          The Secretary shall:

                        a)         Keep minutes of all meetings of Cabinet.

b)         Make the minutes available to Cabinet within three days after the meeting.

c)         Make the minutes available to the Student Body following approval by Champlain Cabinet.

                        c)         Be responsible for inventory and maintenance of

                                    Cabinet supplies.

                        d)         Have custody of all papers relating to Cabinet.

                        e)         Regularly report all correspondence dealing with


                        f)          Have a key to the Cabinet mailbox, and check the

                                    mail at least twice a week.


           13.        The Junior Senator shall:

a)        Act as a liaison between the Senate and Cabinet.  Senate representatives serve a two-year term in accordance with Section 12 of the Bylaws of the Trent University Senate.

b)       Represent the interests of Champlain College at the monthly President?s Executive Group (PEG) meetings.

c)        Attend and participate in the proceedings of Student Senate Caucus.

d)       Sit on at least two (2) university committees, in addition to attending Senate meetings, Cabinet meetings, PEG meetings, and Student Senate Caucus meetings as a Senator.

e)        Attend all regular meetings of the TCSA in the event that the Senior Senator cannot attend said meetings, and as such fulfill all requirements of the Senior Senator?s position according to TCSA Bylaws and Operating Policy.

f)        Act as Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) for all Cabinet General Elections, Bi-Elections, and Referenda.

                        g)       Open the Fall General Election before the end of the

                                  Second Semester.


           14.        The Senior Senator shall:

                        a)          Act as a liaison between Senate and Cabinet. 

                                     Senate Representatives serve a two-year term in

                                     accordance with Section 12 of the Bylaws of the

                                     Trent University Senate.

                        b)          Represent the interests of Champlain College at the

                                     monthly President's Executive Group (PEG) meetings.

                        c)          Attend and participate in the proceedings of Student

                                     Senate Caucus.

                        d)          Sit on at least two university committees, in addition

                                     to attending Senate meetings, Cabinet meetings, PEG

                                     meetings, and Student Senate Caucus meetings as a


                        e)          Attend all regular meetings of the TCSA, and as such

                                     fulfill all requirements of their position according to the

                                     TCSA Bylaws and Operating Policy, unless

                                     extenuating circumstances apply. Report the election

                                     of Senators to the Secretary of Senate.


           15.       The Social Representatives shall:

a)         Appoint Co Chairs for Harvest Weekend and Bon

            Temps Weekend in accordance with By-law IV,

            Section 2.

b)        Act as Co Chairs for the Holiday Dinner, the Spring

           Formal, and any other major events where Co-Chairs

           are not selected in accordance with By-law IV,

           Section 2.

c)        Assist and act as a liaison between the Co Chairs and

           Cabinet for the following College events:

                              - Harvest Weekend

                              - Bon Temps Weekend

d)         Be responsible for soliciting the help of the incoming

            Social Reps for the organization of Graduation Dinner.

e)         Be responsible for aiding in the organization of ISW

            activities for the College.

f)         Attend both ISW and Pre-Week except in exceptional

           cases as approved by Cabinet.

                        g)         Be responsible for the organisation of College Dinners

                                    at all College Weekends.


            16.       The Treasurer shall:

      a)         Be immediately responsible for the policy and

                  administration of all funds of Cabinet and to present to

                  Cabinet a projected annual Cabinet budget by the 

                  second meeting. A revised budget must be presented

                  to Cabinet no less than two weeks after the receipt of

                  the second levy cheque.

      b)         Maintain records and present financial statements

                  under General Accepted Accounting Principles.

       c)        Ensure that all financial matters are carried out in

                  accordance with the Champlain College Cabinet

                  Financial Procedures, Appendix II.

      d)         Act with the approval of Cabinet on all matters of

                  Cabinet finance.

      e)         Allow books to be open to all Cabinet and College


       f)         Act as chief signing officer for Cabinet on all financial


     g)          Ensure that the books and year-end financial statement

                  are reviewed by an accountant and presented to

                  Financial Services before April 30th of the current


     h)          Must present each month?s financial statement no later

                  than two weeks following the said month, as well as

                  the year-end financial statement at the Cabinet

                  Turnover Meeting.        

i)          Chair the Club Funding committee.



17.      The Trent Central Student Association (TCSA) Commissioner shall:

                        a)         Act as a liaison between Cabinet and the TCSA.

b)         Be fully informed of all business pertaining to Cabinet in relation to the TCSA, should such information be required by the Board of Directors of the TCSA.

                        c)         Distribute TCSA materials to the Student Body.

d)         Fulfill all requirements of their position according to the TCSA Bylaws and Operating Policy, including, but not limited to:

      i)  Sit on at least one Standing Committee of the TCSA and at

          least one other Committee that may be of the University or

          the TCSA.

      ii) Hold, at minimum, two office hours per week in the TCSA

          office, that shall be publicized as per the By-Laws of the


     iii) In addition to attending the Cabinet meetings, attend  

                           meetings of the TCSA.


II          Duties of the Speaker:

a)         Cabinet will appoint a Chairperson.  Applications for the Chairperson will be invited during the Fall General Election.  After a two week nomination period, the President will present the applications to Cabinet.  A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote at that meeting will ratify the appointment.

b)         The Chairperson will have a thorough understanding of parliamentary procedure, Robert's Rules of Order (newly revised), and should have at least one year of experience with student government at the post-secondary level, where available. 

c)         The Chairperson will be the Chair of the Executive Committee.

d)         The Chairperson shall have authority to convene a Judicial Committee to interpret this Constitution if deemed necessary by Cabinet.

e)         The Chairperson has the authority to cancel or postpone meetings of Cabinet, but only with the permission of the President or Vice-President.

f)          In the event of a tied vote, the Chairperson will cast the deciding vote.

g)         The Chairperson will conduct two reviews of the performance of the Executive members of Cabinet, one each term, by way of consultation with other members of Cabinet.

h)         Removal of office can occur at a meeting with a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of cabinet. The acting Chairperson will chair this meeting.


The Vice-President is the President's voice in the numerous subcommittees on Cabinet. Also there to supply an element of leadership to the members of Cabinet, they also play a critical liaison role between the students of Champlain and the College Administration.


The Secretary's duties on Cabinet include taking minutes for each Cabinet meeting, distributing that information to the student body of Champlain, and general welfare (ie. tidiness) of the Champlain College Cabinet Office.


The Treasurer is responsible for the Financial well-being of Cabinet. Their primary responsibility is creating and maintaining a budget for their respective Cabinet's fiscal year.

Male and Female Athletic Representatives:

These two representatives are responsible for nearly every aspect of athletic activity you see around Champlain College. Everything from organizing weekend road hockey tournaments, to getting the word out about both University Varsity Sports (i.e. Rowing, Fencing, Rugby) and Intramural Sports Deadlines. The two largest tasks being organizing Harvest Weekend's Pig Bowl Tournament, and Bon Temp's Broom ball Tournament. If you a question about any athletics at Trent, these guys will know.

Off-Residence Representatives:

These two representatives' duties stem mainly around getting all of Champlain's Off-Campus members involved in the College. From such things as off-res barbecues to special nights at the Ceilie they are called upon to spread the good word of Cabinet to members of the College not living in residence. They are also responsible for establishing the Buddy House System.

On-Residence Representative:

The On-Res Rep (as we call them) is responsible for promoting the college's events to On-Campus students. The On-Res Rep always lives in residence at Champlain. They plan such events as Mystery Bus Trips, Movie Nights, and Bon-Fires. They work with the Off Residence Representatives to both promote and establish the Buddy House System.

Senior and Junior Senators:

These two folks are Champlain's voice on the University's Board of Governors who sit on the TCSA Senate. They are also responsible for running both our Fall By-Elections and our Year End Elections. The Junior Senator position lasts two terms of office (2 years). The first term is served as Junior Senator, the second term as Senior Senator.

Communications Representative:

The Communications representative is responsible for presenting the College Cabinet to the various forms of Student Media around Trent University. They write weekly news articles for the Arthur, produce a Champlain Radio Show on Trent Radio, and help to maintain this web page.

Environmental Issues Representative:

This position involves presenting the environmental concerns of Champlain College to the Administration of the University. maintaining and promoting Promise Rock Nature Area, and heading the Champlain Environmental Issues Committee.

Cultural Affairs Representative:

The cultural affairs representative duties involve organizing cultural events for, with and by the Champlain College Community. They work in conjunction with the College Master.

Community Affairs Representative:

The community affairs representative is Champlain College Cabinet's primary liaison with the various community groups around the Peterborough area. They are responsible for getting Champlain Students involved in the community.

First Year Representative:

This position is always chosen in the Champlain Fall By-Elections. This a student in their first-year, who's primary role is to provide an outlet for the ideas and concerns of other first-year students to Champlain's Cabinet.

TCSA Commissioner:

This representative of the Cabinet sits on and votes in the Trent Central Student's Association. Their primary job is to represent the concerns of Champlain Students to the TCSA.

Academic Representative:

This representative is responsible for organizing a peer mentoring program at Champlain College, and advertising important academic events and deadlines. They also write a letter to new students at Champlain describing academic services available to all students. And finally they assist the College Master in organizing speakers and academic events.

Deep in the heart of the Champlain Jungle, you can hear the Champlain rumble!